Lip and tongue Tie Release or frenectomy

For Nursing Mothers

A tongue or lip tie can make breast feeding an unpleasant, ineffective, and often painful experience. Your baby may not be receiving essential nutrition and the difficult process can be disheartening for you. Dr. Clark is able to alleviate these problems by gently and painlessly releasing the tissue with the use of a laser. Mothers are often able to nurse moments after the procedure. Call our office to discuss your options today. 



For Children and Adults

A frenum that is too tough, short, or tight can inhibit movement. This causes you to find regular tasks such as, talking and eating, difficult to do. It can also hinder development in children, resulting in gum recession and tooth position issues. Dr. Clark is able to use the laser to comfortably release the tissue in order to relieve these problems for patients of all ages. 

We find this book to be particularly insightful and would highly recommend it to anyone who is struggling to nurse effectively and comfortably. Dr. Clark had the opportunity to attend a lecture by Dr. Kotlow and found his philosophy to match our own. Through the use of careful examination in our office, a gentle procedure, and follow up guidance we have been able to help countless struggling mothers and infants.