TMJ Disorder/Jaw Pain

Clenching and Grinding can cause a great deal of discomfort. Breaking the cycle of inflammation can help to provide relief.

The use of a Night Guard and Botox injections have been shown to offer a great deal of relief for patients experiencing jaw pain. 

Night Guard

As a barrier between the teeth, the night guard helps you to avoid future damage to your teeth. Another way a night guard helps ease the pain is by reducing the amount that your jaw can clench. By preventing complete flexing of the jaw, a night guard helps your jaw to be more relaxed at night.

Botox Injection

Botox injections provide substantial relief while reducing the ability of facial muscles to engage in problematic, excessive grinding, and hyperactive activity. Botox allows muscles to perform daily activities such as talking, chewing, and swallowing. In addition, the treatment can help safeguard dental health by preventing excessive wear and damage to teeth.