Dental Plan Benefits

Dental benefit plans are designed to help offset a portion of the cost of your dentistry needs up to a yearly maximum. We will partner with you to maximize those benefits by verifying, preparing and submitting paperwork to the dental plan company for you. We are considered to be an out-of-network provider, but we do accept most dental plans. The vast majority of dental plans allow you the freedom to choose a dental office that is the best fit for you and your family.

Why choose our team?

  • A positive experience in a family-like atmosphere. We truly believe in providing you with the highest level of care with your comfort in mind. Warm blankets, pillows, nitrous oxide, and noise cancelling headphones are just a few things we offer to ensure your appointments are as pleasant as possible.
  • Expert services and cutting-edge technology. We pride ourselves on exceeding the number of continuing education hours required each year and staying on the forefront of technology. Dentistry is such a technique sensitive art and we strive to be the very best. 
  • Nearly all your dental needs throughout your life are available right here in the comfort of our office. Children’s dentistry, orthodontics, extractions, implants, root canal therapy, dentures, gum rejuvenation, and more are completed by the team that you know and trust.
  • We always offer a clear outline of your investment and partner with you to find the best way for you to afford the dentistry that you need.